King Of Fighters Wing Game

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Play King Of Fighters Wing HTML5 Game Instruction

King Of Fighters Wing

Instructions Game

Insert coin: Keyboard – Shift
Start: Keyboard – Enter
Move: Arrow/Cursor keys

More: Open Controls Settings

King of Fighters Wing is considered one of the best flash fighting games in the world based on the famous arcade game from Capcom / SNK. With this new version, you can optionally choose Kyo, Iori, K and Ryu , with special moves and good gameplay like the original game.The game has many player modes, you can play against a friend or against the computer. This will be a promising battle to bring The power of this game is artificial intelligence, adjustable in five levels, promising to fight fiercely against the computer and any of your skills.

The fighters are few, but the importance of the game is to learn every move to become the ultimate champion. Learn the moves of the characters and use them on your opponent and try to defeat your opponents in tougher settings. You can choose several different modes in the menu. Did you become a winner? Please choose for yourself the different challenges to fight hard right away!