Rubble Trouble New York Game

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Rubble Trouble New York

Rubble Trouble New York is a physics-based puzzle game, requiring players to use a variety of tools to demolish buildings. You will have a range of tools at your disposal to complete. Some things, like nitro, can only be clicked anywhere you want, and they will automatically explode, some rockets you will find. Some tools are more expensive than machines. Other, so you will have a limited amount of use for them. Do not meet the requirements for a level within the time frame or before the explosives run out, and you will have to start the level over. To rest, press [P] to pause. To restart a level if you see a failure appearing on the horizon, press [R].

You will complete each level by achieving the target value outlined before you start work at each construction site. Select the tools at the bottom of the screen and try your best not to destroy the adjacent buildings. Some levels have special goals, like getting a worker stuck at the top of a building to a safe place or protecting surrounding buildings from destruction.