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Play Subway Clash 3D HTML5 Game Instruction

Subway Clash 3D

Subway Clash 3D is an extremely lightweight web-based shooter that will satisfy you. Many people today are very fond of shooters but cannot play because their computers are low-profile, Subway Clash 3D is a game that can solve this problem.
Get ready for the best and hardest 3d action shooting game online. Play Subway Clash 3D for free and get ready to be amazed. Subway Clash 3D is a perfect 3d multiplayer shooter, in which you fight against other players around the world or fight against computer-controlled enemies. The game environment is located in a subway station. Move around the area and try to shoot as many members of the opposing team. Players can spot enemies easily by seeing the angry red face on their heads and get a lot of points for their team.
Subway Clash 3D is a shooter made with pretty cute graphics. This game is made to average graphics to run well on the web. You will play as a soldier moving and fighting on many floors of a train tunnel. This soldier will fight with a gun and a green ring on the head.