Javelin Fighting

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Javelin Fighting

Javelin Fighting
Javelin Fighting is an exciting and fun 1-on-1 fighting game in which you transform into a stickman to show your javelin throwing skills.
In the Javelin Fighting game, you are invited to participate in the national javelin competition and your task is to defeat the other warriors to win each battle to prove that you are the champion, aim and Throw your arrows to eliminate your enemies. Use the left mouse button and move your mouse to aim the javelin and increase your throwing power, then release the mouse button to fire.
You stand atop a tower with your javelin ready to fire. The opponent stands at the opposite end. Your goal is to launch your javelin across the screen to take him down before he kills you. Headshot is super effective so try to aim for it if you can
You must try and hit the opposite player standing on the pedestal on the opposite side of the playing field. Each player has a health bar and you have to hit them multiple times to eliminate them – the head shots deal more damage! Try to shoot as quickly as possible and aim quickly – you can only maintain a few shots yourself so you have to work fast with your javelin.