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Play CS Portable HTML5 Game Instruction

CS Portable

Cs Portable addictive shooting fighting game, in which your mission is to use your combat skills to use along with your weapons to defeat all enemies.

The game with a beautiful interface contains many vivid scenes, shocking sound effects with a 3D perspective. You can play as a terrorist or counter-terrorist with specific missions with your teammates or play in other modes like playing with zombies. If you play as a terrorist, then you must successfully plant and detonate a bomb to win the game. On the contrary, if you play as an anti-terrorist, then you have to defeat the enemy and do not let them detonate the bomb.

Choose a map and decide to be a terrorist or anti-terrorist before hitting the game area. When you kill each opponent, you will receive a bonus and used to buy new combat equipment in a store full of goods. Destroy all contending classes and win the game and you’ll advance to the next level. The game has many levels with different layout and difficulty, the more the next level the player will be more challenging.