Dark Cut 2 Game

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Dark Cut 2

Dark Cut 2 is a game in which you will be medical staff with the task of performing surgeries for soldiers to save their lives.

The game uses a more realistic and grim image than the previous one.

You own 11 different tools and use a combination of these tools that affect patients with different wounds. First, you need to use ways to make your patient numb and not feel the pain. The patients are very painful and the game has many scary images, which are recommended for mature audiences. Perform surgery quickly and do not let them lose too much blood or make a few wrong movements and make them lose their lives.

There is no anesthesia surgery, no disinfectant, just rusty knives, corn whiskey and there will be a lot of blood coming out. Complete an operation with less than 5% intoxication.

The game has 4 campaigns, 7 achievements and 1 Easter egg.

Complete the apprentice play level by completing the first surgery. Brain surgeon: complete the second surgery to achieve. Infection: complete surgery for the 3rd time. Surgeon: complete surgery for the 4th time to achieve.