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Play Mahjong Black And White 2 HTML5 Game Instruction

Mahjong Black And White 2

Mahjong Black and White 2 is a mahjong solitaire game developed by ELEX. It is the sequel to the popular game Mahjong Black and White. The game features a new 2D graphics engine, new mahjong tiles, and new gameplay modes.

In Mahjong Black and White 2, players must match pairs of mahjong tiles to clear the board. The tiles are arranged in a grid, and players can only match tiles that are adjacent to each other. The game ends when all of the tiles have been matched or when the player runs out of moves.

Mahjong Black and White 2 features four different gameplay modes: Classic, Relax, Time Attack, and Endless. Classic mode is the traditional mahjong solitaire game. Relax mode allows players to take their time and enjoy the game. Time Attack mode challenges players to clear the board as quickly as possible. Endless mode is a never-ending game where players must keep clearing the board to score points.