5 Minutes To Kill Yourself Game

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5 Minutes To Kill Yourself

Five Minutes to Kill Yourself is a game for you to feel suicidal. It’s quite violent and scary. You only have five minutes, so hurry up and do it.

Stan is in hell. He lives the daily, everyday working life of a black racer. A last-minute meeting request pushed him to the sidelines. As Stan, you roam the office space to find smart ways to hurt him until Stan’s health is completely depleted. He only had five minutes that if he couldn’t do it later, he would endure another boring meeting. You are Stan’s only hope.

In Five Minutes to Kill Yourself, you took your life to save your soul. The game requires you to use all kinds of office equipment to put an end to your meaningless existence within the next five minutes, or you may have to attend another media meeting.

Smash your face with a stapler, smash your head into a photocopier, light a fire extinguisher and point at your face, put your hand on the guillotine, stand up on a paper shredder and get involved in all cleverly self-destructive ways in hell light up the fluorescence of a modern office. Five Minutes to Kill Yourself is a very useful stress relief game.