Hobo 7 Game

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Play Hobo 7 HTML5 Game Instruction

Hobo 7

Hobo 7 is the latest part of Hobo’s exhilarating action game along with many other aggressive enemies. Hobo fights to protect himself through bizarre actions. In this part, Hobo found himself unwelcome in Heaven after defeating Satan and now he has an appointment with God.Hobo must kick and punch his way, draw combo moves for special moves disgusting, for example, peeing or bombing his opponent.Hobo is very brave and he has to fight to go to Heaven.You are asked to help Hobo to fight in Heaven. skills, help him get rid of synthetic bolts, fight and try to survive long enough to meet God, talk and be able to fake I like to God why he has such a troublesome human being on earth.

You can use the skills that Hobo has such as punching, kicking, spitting, farting, peeing, … and combo moves that will help your character kill enemies easily.

Each character will have a certain health status, shown through a status bar when damaged, this bar will be reduced and reduced until death.