Stealing The Diamond Game

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Stealing The Diamond

Stealing the Diamond is the sequel to the escape game Escaping the Prison.

Your mission in the game Stealing the Diamond is to help Henry the guy who steals diamonds in a strictly protected museum.

After a lot of effort, going through disastrous failures, Henry finally managed to escape successfully from the prison in the game Escaping the Prison. However, he “horse familiar old road”, decided to make a burglary to spend money. At that moment, Henry watched television and learned that the local museum recently announced a new exhibition and exhibit is an extremely valuable thing – the Tunisian diamond. This is indeed an excellent opportunity to change your life. Your task is to help Henry act in a way that can sneak into the museum and steal the diamond smoothly.

Of course, when displaying such a valuable thing, the museum is also extremely protected and stealing is not easy. Henry has two options for breaking into the museum, Frontal Attack and Sneaky. Either way, he will receive countless items to support the action. Each has a different effect, but the impact they bring is not necessarily as you think. Sometimes, failure came suddenly and distracted makes players laugh nonstop.

The burglary is only considered successful when Henry clears all the barriers of the security guards, approaches the diamond and carries the stolen object safely from the pursuit. To achieve that, in addition to quick wits, smart actions, you also need a little more luck.

Feature of the game Stealing the Diamond

Forty types of unique, humorous failures.

Whatever the outcome, it will create laughter and fun, entertaining the player.

Hunt for achievements.