Swords And Souls Secrets Game

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Play Swords And Souls Secrets HTML5 Game Instruction

Swords And Souls Secrets

Swords And Souls Secrets you need to create a warrior, train him and enter the arena. When you are ready, you fight heroically in the arena. With the money you win and practice, you can upgrade your skills and weapons, until you become the greatest hero of all time. In addition to training and fighting, around Swords And Souls Secrets there are many secrets waiting for you.

In Swords And Souls Secrets, you are a Roman warrior, who is training to be a hero someday. However, in the game, you do not need to practice or fight all the time. There are many other interesting things in the game and I am sure that you will feel very curious about them.

First, at the bottom of the screen, there is a box with the word “gold free”. Click and you will find the first two secrets. They are the logos of the Armor game and the Souls game.

Second, in the store, type a number of times in the roof of the store. A ninja will fall from the sky.

Third, behind the right wall of the store, there was a man.

Fourth, in the training room, click here and a cat will appear on the window.

Continue in the training room, touch the whale on the shelf. Then go home and tap your wife a few times, she will get angry.

Indoors, tap on the flowerpot, a child will appear. Finally, in the museum, knock a few times on the candle on the table in front of the old man. It will burn.

When playing Swords And Souls Secrets, you will realize how interesting it is. Everything in Swords And Souls Secrets is awesome. Battles, training lessons, secrets will make you satisfied.