Water Ragdoll Game

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Play Water Ragdoll HTML5 Game Instruction

Water Ragdoll

In Water Ragdoll, play around with a ragdoll inside a room full of water in any way. Create objects like bombs, balloons, different types of aircraft, black holes, and more. Make Funny or cool stuff.

Welcome to Water Ragdoll, where you can experiment on a dumb stick as much as you like. The main objective of this torture game is to slice the dolls in half with different objects. Spend time with your surviving victim and play with a ragdoll in a room full of water. Create an object, throw around, connect with rope and wait for actions to take place. This version includes a live ragdoll, bombs and black holes. It sounds cruel but it’s just a rag doll.

Water Ragdoll has simple gameplay and graphics, but it is very addictive and helps people relieve stress. Water Ragdoll allows maximum creativity; you can do what you like with an emotionless, painless doll. Create the craziest things you usually can’t do, throw away the rules, and play Water Ragdoll.