Infiltrating The Airship Game

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Infiltrating The Airship

Infiltrating the Airship is the third game in PuffballsUnited’s funny stickman series. This time, your mission is to help the stickman Henry break into the plane and deal with the international group of Toppat thieves.

After many times going to prison for bank robbery, escaping from prison, stealing diamonds in the museum, Henry was eventually arrested by the government. However, instead of pronouncing a heavier sentence for Henry, they offered him a deal. If Henry could help the government defeat the international group of thieves Clan Toppat, all his sins would be erased.

This is indeed a good opportunity for Henry to reimburse and return to a life of freedom. Even so, it is not easy to kill an entire criminal organization alone. Henry needs your help finding his way into the Toppat’s plane and tries to deal with them in Infiltrating the Airship.

Like the previous sections, Henry is provided with many items, support tools to act. However, not everything works as well as you think. Therefore, players need to help stickman choose and use those things very smart.

Sometimes, the failures of Infiltrating the Airship come unexpectedly and are so oblivious that you could not expect, both annoying the player and laughing because of its humour. Of course, every time you fail it is explained why the tool selection is wrong. In addition to being smart, players also need more luck to be able to win. Certainly, you will have to replay many times to achieve your goal. If you are looking for a fun, funny and challenging game, try Infiltrating the Airship.