Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Game

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Play Epic Battle Fantasy 2 HTML5 Game Instruction

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Epic Battle Fantasy 2 is an exciting and fascinating battle game of enemies. The world is being ravaged and ruled by evil and brutal people, so the heroes have stood up against them to bring peace to the world. By controlling his characters defeat each enemy class to advance to the next level and destroy all enemies.

Attack your opponent in turn. Click the action you want to take and then select the goal you want to perform that action.

Your enemy will appear in layers; each layer appears 2 or 3 characters or more. Each character has different or similar shapes, characteristics and ability to fight can also be similar or different. After you use attacks or weapons to reduce their life force until the end of your life, there will be other turns of enemies, which can meet stronger names with the weapons you will have to use a lot of ability to destroy.

On your side, you will have two characters, a stronger and weaker character, two characters with different combat abilities, spells, and weapons. Can use the strategy to confront an enemy character or fight all enemy characters at the same time, can combine both children into one for better strength and ability to destroy enemies. The spells and the ability to fight have descriptions right next to you so you know which one to use will have better power.

Use your battle tactics and upgrades to improve your fighting skills.

If you let the enemy destroy you, you will end the game and play from the beginning.

If you need instructions, please click “HELP” while playing.

In a battle, the damage the player accumulates in the red Limit bar, when full, will turn the standard attack into Break Limit. The mana indicator bar is now green instead of white. The player order can also be switched around.

Fun fighting game with a lot of unique abilities of each character can be played with Android devices, iOS, computers and you can download your device to play anywhere, anywhere when, even if you don’t have an internet connection.

The game will bring players fun moments to help you kill time very effectively.