Hobo 5 Game

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Play Hobo 5 HTML5 Game Instruction

Hobo 5

Hobo 5 is an action game with weird and even unsanitary but interesting actions. You will control Hobo to fight other people trying to catch him. Hobo is currently in a vast forest and he was trying to get some peace of mind when he was shot by a bunch of people who were Hobo clones, they had very dangerous shapes and skills. You have to destroy them and survive … Fighting hard and coming up with newer and more coarse ways, he has to punch, kick and hit the enemy. In addition to punching, kicking him can spit, snort, piss on enemies, discharge bombs and many other weird actions.

The enemy uses a gun to shoot you and ride a car, throw bombs at you and come close to destroy you. The indicators bar indicate the health of you as well as that of the enemy character when you or the enemy are killed normally, this bar will run out until the bar ends at the end of your life.

You can choose one of three game modes, which are easy, normal and hard. Easy play mode will help you get acquainted and adapt to the game so that you can participate in the following levels.

The game will help you relax very effectively and stimulate your quick reaction.