Ninja Rampage Game

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Play Ninja Rampage HTML5 Game Instruction

Ninja Rampage

Ninja Rampage this ninja game will turn players into a true ninja. With invisibility mode with ninja and eliminate enemies as quickly as possible. Use strategy and stealth without being noticed to consume. kill the enemy ninja in the game A true ninja is never seen.

The unique feature of Ninja Rampage is the simple idea of ​​playing the game but to complete each level, the player will have to sweat. You will not be able to slash enemies like other ninja games, in return, you must have careful calculations for each step.

Because in Ninja Rampage, it is wrong to take a life, any mistake must be paid with the life of the character. So this is considered a pretty difficult game, but if you have started to get used to it, you will definitely have to spend hours to explore the game.

Complete all levels by killing the guards in Ninja Rampage. The best way to kill the guards is to wait until they turn away from you, come up from behind and attack. Pay attention to the traps, these not only kill you but you can also lure enemy units into them. Start thinking like a ninja and how you can use your skills to your advantage.