Rollercoaster Rush Game

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Play Rollercoaster Rush HTML5 Game Instruction

Rollercoaster Rush

Welcome to roller coasters in Rollercoaster Rush. Join this game, your goal is to become a roller coaster driver to keep passengers safe during the journey.

Coming to this game, players only need to use the left arrow to apply brakes and the right arrow to accelerate. If you need to pause the action, just press the menu button at the top of the screen. Each different level will give players a different roller coaster track; starting will be the simple path and eventually lead to serious ramps and many loops. A moment before each change in the score occurs, a yellow sign is moving on the screen, indicating the shape of the upcoming track. As the sign approaches the frame sketched in the middle, the less time you have to adjust before it’s too late.

Your score will be recorded when the passengers are happy. The wider their smiles, the higher your score will be. And the happier your passengers are, the more they will spread about your rollercoaster skills, leading to more passengers getting on your roller coaster at the next level. Try to achieve customer satisfaction before you can move on to the next song or you’ll have to repeat the level until you meet the requirements.