Fleeing The Complex Game

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Fleeing The Complex

Fleeing the Complex is a fun mobile action game. You will have to make the right choices to help the stick man escape from prison successfully under the intense management of the prison.

Somewhere in far-flung lands, where snow-covered mountains all year round the sea, a prison was built to be the most solidly guarded and guarded to keep dangerous offenders. It is The Wall Prison, home of the evilest and smart criminals from every corner of the world. And this prison has just received a new prisoner, Herry.

In Fleeing the Complex, you will play the guy Her que Herry, implementing the plan to escape successfully from prison. This guy will have to go through many layers of security and the security of the guard. In each scene, you will have a few options to bypass correctional officers or overcome obstacles safely. Of course, each option will lead to a different end, possibly failure or success.

However, if you make the wrong choice, you absolutely have a chance to choose again to continue your journey. The choices that lead to failure will be much more than success. Basically, Fleeing the Complex has a fairly simple way of playing. You just need to choose the method of escape, then watch the guy who sticks Herry perform. A new map feature allows players to review any scene you’ve been through easily.

As for graphics, Fleeing the Complex is designed quite simply with thin, skinny guys, the main colors are black and white. However, the game is still extremely attractive thanks to the action that led to humorous and interesting results.