Whack The Burglars Game

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Play Whack The Burglars HTML5 Game Instruction

Whack The Burglars

Whack The Burglars, you will have to hit the thieves who are trying to steal your money. You have to try to prevent 3 thieves from breaking into your home to steal money, games, drugs, other valuables. Use everyday objects in 2 different rooms and find ways to kill them mercilessly to show them regret when breaking into your home.

You must protect your home and property by eliminating abandon them in one of 30 ways, including simple actions or a combination of complex actions.You can call your dog or cat to attack them or improvise with typical objects around like baseball bats, pillows or fireplaces and get help from other friends like dogs and cats … You can also It’s a machine gun that can shoot him quickly, every action will have a video of it, even though you’re alone against dangerous bandits, you did it very well. The thieves are unlucky to break into your home, you will teach a thief a deadly lesson for violating private property.

The game will bring you exciting, relaxing moments, help you relieve stress effectively and help you kill your free time quickly.