Whack The Trump Game

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Play Whack The Trump HTML5 Game Instruction

Whack The Trump

Whack The Trump taught Trump a lesson through practical actions. Before his domination actions, Trump caused a lot of hatred for everyone. Donald Trump is everywhere, creating America. Hate him, insult people, and brag about sexual assault. He’s the time of dominance is over; Trump will pay for his previous actions. You can hit him when he’s on stage, punish in many interesting ways, get help from a Mexican, enlist an elephant to trample and build your own wall. Beat him with a wallet or persuade a horse to give him a shot Kick well in this crazy action game. You can even send a bald eagle after Trump or make his hair out. Beat him. There are 12 epic ways to bash Trump; you can find them all and perform.

This is also the first game in the Box10 games that does not involve the child from the Teacher, Thief, and Boss with Superpowers that take real-life characters (Donald Trump). Beat him without worrying about any violation.

Play this game with all mobile devices like Android, IOS, download to your computer or play online whenever you want.