Whack Your Boss Game

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Play Whack Your Boss HTML5 Game Instruction

Whack Your Boss

Whack Your Boss is a simple beat the boss game with a dark and sense of humour. Hidden in the simple drawing of a cubicle office space, you can find 24 different from whacking your boss. Click on any one of those to trigger a different animated sequence. All you have to do is find the right object to click on. Once you do that, a short animation will unfold taking place in the same cubicle. When you click on the right object, all hell breaks loose in the carnage-filled game as your condescending boss gets beat up and even killed in the sequence that follows. Each session ends with your coworkers fleeing, and your boss is left in a mushed up pile of bloody boss guts. You can get a cleaner to help you get rid of the evidence while you sit back and relax