Whack The Boss Game

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Play Whack The Boss HTML5 Game Instruction

Whack The Boss

Whack The Boss is a game that allows you to take violent actions against your boss. Your boss is a meticulous person and always has works that criticize you. You are very upset with what Hey, now is the time to punish your boss by clicking on objects in the office to use them as weapons and creating some crazy things with it, spanking your boss. You have 24 ways to fight the boss so that you can take out all your anger.

What to do is to look for items in the office to beat the boss. Try to find all the awful and fun way But don’t do anything in real life The game contains lots of violent images, so if you don’t want to see it, please close it. When you click on the right object, your boss is beaten and even killed in the following sequence. But full of surprises about a guy who killed his boss. Each session ends with your coworker fleeing, and your boss is beaten bloody. You can clear the trace of the murder by clicking the cleanup button that will appear and remove it all.