Whack The Teacher Game

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Play Whack The Teacher HTML5 Game Instruction

Whack The Teacher

Whack The Teacher you are allowed to hit your instructor through the equipment available. You are a special student and are always reminded of your grades, very dissatisfied with this you hit people. guide through the objects in the office While your instructor is looking at the exam and reminding you, you will search the room objects to beat him.

There are 13 missions and you need to find out. Those missions to carry out the destruction of your instructor. The objects are placed in various locations around the instructor’s office and you have to find them all to end the game. Highlighted around you to launch a short animation spanking d n to death There are many things in the office, such as a chair, a globe …, each item has a different ability to damage and the flash videos related to the item are also different. This creepy online game allows you to pour a lot of your anger into the character, helping you relieve stress very effectively.

The game contains violent images so children should not play this game. Violent actions should only appear in this game, should not apply to real life.