Don't Whack Your Boss Game

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Don't Whack Your Boss

Don’t Whack Your Boss is a game that allows you to commit violent acts against your boss without receiving punishment or any legal liability. You are very dissatisfied with your boss. And can’t stand it anymore, it’s beyond your limits. Now you can hit the boss with superpowers, find all the awful and hilarious ways to defeat him. The objects are present at the scene, they are weapons that help you perform acts of violence, savage beatings or even killing your boss.

This game allows you to get rid of all your frustrations about your workplace by torturing your boss in different ways. You can find all 19 ways to hit him, when you select an item and boss, the flash video will run automatically. Different tools use each method.

This game allows you to play on all your mobile devices (as Android or iOS apps) and computers. This game will help you relieve stress very effectively but because it contains the image of protection so young children should not play and players do not do anything in real life.