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Play Whack The Terrorist HTML5 Game Instruction

Whack The Terrorist

Whack The Terrorist is an action game in which you are against the masked terrorist in Berlin. Terrorists are trying to attack and destroy your country, in this situation, you are taking a break but can’t ignore it, and you’ve done everything you can to kill the terrorist You can find different interaction points around that location to trigger actions, they’re all potential weapons Each item placed in that space, can be a weapon in your favor, you search and click on lighter objects.

Perhaps click on a ferocious cat that will bite the terrorist, clip. Electricity shocked him, smashed the bottle against his head, clicked on the dog that blocked his wealth, threw him down the drain, opened the water fountain. fire him in the mouth … With each item you choose, there will be a flash video showing the specific action you take to kill the terrorist.After the end of an action, you will continue searching for the item and perform other actions.There are 12 fun ways to harm scary bad guys, each corresponding to an object you own.

You will become a hero of your country, certainly not, make the country as peaceful as before.