Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Game

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Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 is the second part of the horror game. In this section, you once again work at Freddy’s pizza location, and after 5 messy nights, you have to persevere once more for this strange and troublesome facility.

Electronic animation of robots is also much more advanced, as well as security systems – they have facial recognition software. You have to do night shifts and keep an eye on security cameras. You can follow the peace and make sure the robots of Freddy’s pizza place are not kept in order.

This second part is as interesting as the first part and also brings new gameplay elements. Much like the first game, the player cannot leave the office but can track the animatronics’ movements via a network of security cameras placed throughout the building. The office has three entrances (a hallway and two side air vents); in a departure from the previous game, none of these can be sealed off to prevent enemies from entering.

Each vent is equipped with a light that can be used to check for any characters that are about to crawl into the office. Players are given a wearable Freddy Fazbear masks to ward off approaching animatronics; however, this strategy will not work on individual characters, which must be repelled by other means.

A flashlight is also available, used to check the hallway and darkened areas of the camera feeds, as well as to reset Foxy via strobing. Unlike the previous title, the power supply for the cameras and vent lights is unlimited, but the flashlight has a limited battery life; if it runs out, the player becomes vulnerable to attack.

Also, a music box has been placed in one room and must be remotely wound up through the camera interface, to avoid being attacked by the Marionette, who appears when the music stops. Failure to defend oneself from the animatronics will result in a jumpscare, ending the game.