Whack Your Neighbor Game

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Whack Your Neighbor

Whack Your Neighbor is a violent game inspired by Whack Your Boss. Good neighbors can make life great, but bad people can make your existence miserable. If you’ve ever wanted to whine to a neighbor for playing loud music at night, let their dog poop on your lawn, or let their shrub grow through your fence. Whack Your Neighbor is your chance to relieve the frustration all along. Not only can you beat the soulless neighbor in this game, but you also have various creative ways that you can end their lives.

Time to take revenge. Please choose one of 27 ways to spank your neighbor and make him permanently silent. With 27 creative and brutal ways to kill your angry neighbor, you will feel comfortable after the first kill. If one killer doesn’t do that, we’ll have 26 others. From having your dog imitate them, breaking your beer bottle over their heads, stuffing their faces into your barbecue, and more. Click on the different items in the picture and see what happens. With many typical and everyday garden objects to use, the game offers a mix of creativity and direct destruction. A lot of fun with Whack Your Neighbor.

Whack Your Neighbor is very bloody and not suitable for children, so please make sure you are over 16 years old. Fully featured, humorous murder scenes await those with a dark sense of humor. Some scenes are inspired by famous movie moments; others are just common sense. Whip your neighbors right now in Whack Your Neighbor.