Whack Your Computer Game

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Play Whack Your Computer HTML5 Game Instruction

Whack Your Computer

In Whack Your Computer, there are 12 ways to destroy a computer. You are the boss, and you have to impress your secretary. To do this, you have to destroy your laptop. Find all 12 ways and have fun.

We all have had problems with our computers. It is possible to get a virus from using the internet or a windows error. What’s worse is that the computer system is being used more and more slowly and now it’s like a snail. Parts of work are gone due to a number of software or hardware failures, all the frustration and fire rushing onto your computer. You need a way out of that anger, hit your computer system. Do it now, enjoy the Whack Your Computer game now.

Find new and creative ways to vent your anger and wipe out that useless machine. Try out twelve different animations, all resulting in the complete destruction of technology in your office. Live indirectly through frustrated office workers trying to impress their secretary, and enjoy a short, boring break with What Your Computer.

The secretary became a female warrior; she did not sit still while the boss smashed the computer. Touch the items in the office and remove all your aggression on the cartoon computer, so your actual computer exists to serve you on another day.

When you find ways to smash the computer, you will help our heroes return to their original state before the computer to smash. On the other hand, if in case you find a heart touching your cold, intense heart, you are free to replay the scene as much as you want. Play and relieve stress with Whack Your Computer.