FNAF World Game

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FNAF World

Fnaf World is a role-playing video game, whose plot is about the journey to rescue the world of Freddy bear and his companions. This is a new spin-off of the game franchise Five Nights at Freddy’s. Each character you control has a different set of attacks and special abilities so be sure to get to know each attack and what it can do. As you progress through the game, you can upgrade your character’s stats and abilities and turn them into super-powered robots!

Features of Fnaf World game

There are 40 characters from various levels in the context of a colorful world. Each character has a different special ability. Thus you have to grasp each character’s capabilities to maximize your forte and battle against enemies.

The game also has two difficulty levels to choose from: Normal and Hard. The player starts by choosing two parties consisting of four characters each.

During the journey, the player will gather more figures. Along the way, a style known as Fredbear will provide you with instructions and tips on what to do next. Upon defeating an enemy in a battle, the player will gain experience points used for purchasing and upgrading supporting items in the game. After each battle, all characters, including deceased ones, are fully revitalized.