Whack The Serial Killer Game

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Whack The Serial Killer

Whack The Serial Killer horror action game in which you have to find a way out of the pursuit of the serial killer. You’ve been kidnapped, trapped in the murderer’s basement There is a way to escape and that is through the killer himself. While he is grinding the sword ready to kill you, you have escaped the lanyard and you must try to escape while you still can. The best way to escape is to kill him first.

Choose an object in the room to finish him, use the evil torture device against him to get revenge and escape. You can replay the game and choose another object to watch your next unique animation. When killing enemies, find all the different endings in the game, with over 14 deadly options, full of violent and bloody images such as electric chairs, axes or blow away the twisted brain of The game helps people under stress entertained very well and it can be played whenever you have a smart device like Android, IOS or computer.

The game contains many violent images so children should not participate in this game.